Why Choose Hallaluia?

Hallaluia delivers meat directly to your doorstep. Skip the hassle of your meat store. We deliver anywhere. We are specialized in Meat Delivery Services.

We are excited about our partnership and committed to providing you with the best meat products. Hallaluia ensures in servicing our valued partners with the best quality of meats, chicken fish, marinades. Our top priorities for the public include providing healthy, all-natural foods that are free of antibiotics, Allergens.

Our Promise

  1. Selection of the healthy and right type of animal:
    Everybody has the right to know where their meat comes from. We have experts who choose the animals that we supply to our customers. These experts consider the type of the animal and check for its health before the selection. Our trained veterinarians have a big input in this selection process as well.
  2. Slaughtering
    Our slaughtering process is under the constant supervision of major Islamic authorities. Our facility is designed specifically to meet our needs in order to produce the highest quality.
  3. Clean & quality production
    We take the clean and quality Halal meat to our state-of-the-art cooled and hygienic packaging section. There, we vacuum-pack the fresh-cut meat into containers and get them ready for shipment.
  4. The accurate digital scaling system
    We use accurate digital scaling systems to weigh our finalized products before the shipment.
  5. Fast and reliable online  service
    With our freezers, coolers by maintaining 0-5c. We are able to supply our customers with fresh meat and meat products by providing the service level that they deserve.

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